Powerful Training Solutions for Recruiters

Do you want to earn more business with better clients at higher rates and fees? Whether you are total rookie or seasoned professional, I can help you reach you full potential.

The Placement Club

Access my advice in weekly group coaching calls where I help tackle some of your biggest challenges. Each week I host an interactive coaching call where I will help you solve your most complex deal scenarios and deepen your knowledge of recruiting, so you can make more placements. You will also have access to an archive of content to sharpen your skills and shorten your learning curve. Learn more about the Placement Club and join today. I look forward to solving your biggest challenges in recruiting.


Have a larger team? Or are you a solo recruiter looking for an affordable mobile training solution? RecruiterVT is an online training platform that is fully mobile and puts the power of training in the hands of you and your team. It builds in accountability, reinforces learning, and it gives you your time back.This powerful system will teach your recruiters my entire model so that they close more deals in less time and with higher fees. Your team will quickly develop big-billing habits and achieve massive success. Bring my proven systems to your entire team and track their performance as they learn. Learn more and join today.



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