Welcome to my online coaching and training center which provides an engaging and effective system of sales success that helps recruiters and staffing professionals earn more business with better clients at higher rates and fees. I shorten the learning curve for new recruiters and help experienced recruiters reach their full potential.

Since 2009, I have offered the Placement Club (formerly titled the Coaching Club), a membership which gives recruiters access to my advice in weekly group coaching calls where I help them tackle some of their biggest challenges. 

I also launched RecruiterVT, an online training platform that is fully mobile and puts the power of training in the hands of you and your team. It builds in accountability, reinforces learning, and it gives you your time back. This powerful system will teach your recruiters my entire model so that they close more deals in less time and with higher fees. Your team will quickly develop big-billing habits and achieve massive success. For a reasonably priced monthly tuition, you can bring my proven systems to your entire team and track their performance as they learn. And we recently released 18 chapters specifically geared toward Staffing professionals within the same powerful system.

Over 4,500 search firms and staffing agencies, from 30 countries, have invested in my training. They wouldn't do it unless they thought it would help them. And most of them, nearly all of them, are repeat customers. My training will take you to a level of sustained and consistent peak performance.

"Scott Love is the best trainer in our industry!" -- Michael Long, AgentHR

"It should go without saying that Scott has a natural ability to inspire and motivate." -- The Fordyce Letter


"I absolutely love all of your webinars. I listen to them every morning while I am working out and have been incorporating your lessons in to my desk. They have really gotten me on track in terms of being resilient, improving my sales skills, staying on the phone, plus many other valuable lessons. You are right, the concepts are simple, but to be honest I need simple to actually incorporate it. Other trainers offer some great material, but I have found your material to be something I can really put into practice." -- Andy Nelson, BNA Search

"When I was first looking to open my own recruitment firm I wanted to find a resource that would allow me to network with other recruiters and came across Scott Love and the Coaching Club. I reviewed Scott s website and was impressed with what I saw. After listening to some of the webinars I made the decision to sign up for the monthly Coaching Club and have found it an invaluable resource. Being able to discuss what I m facing with others and being able to share what I've learned is awesome. Whether you are an experienced recruiter or just starting out I would recommend the Coaching Club." -- LVP Executive Recruitment and Consulting Group


"Having been a Coaching Club member for just a few weeks, I am pleased to say that Scott has helped me breathe new life and vigor into my recruiting career. After twenty years in the business, I have never felt like I have been able firmly get my arms around all the essential skills to be as effective as I want to be and make the money I know I should be able to make. Scott is helping me change that, one week at a time. To me it seems foolish for any recruiter to think they do not need the ongoing support and training of someone as effective as Scott Love. Anyone can claim to be an industry trainer, but it is his ability to passionately and practically convey his knowledge and experience that makes Scott unique. The coaching club gives you the one-on-one, real world support to help instill habits, solve challenges, and use new approaches that truly make the difference. He is what I would consider to be the Steven R. Covey of our industry, helping us -sharpen the saw- so to speak and keep it real through practical training and an abundance of exceptional resources." -- Steve Thornley, CSP


"I am a independent recruiter from Amsterdam in The Netherlands and have recently discovered your website and also ordered some of your products. After studying your materials I have seen a significant increase in my output and I would like to thank you for this. Keep up the good work!" -- Aladar Horsky


"After hearing Scott speak at a recruiting event, I decided to hire him as a consultant and I have not been disappointed. Since then, he has shared practical, tried-and-true approaches to sales and recruiting that have benefited our sales, account management and recruiting teams. But, more importantly, he works hard to understand my business and methodologies so that he can make thoughtful and insightful recommendations to improve our recruiting practices, business operations and bottom line." -- Tiffany Crenshaw, President/CEO, Intellect Resource